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Once upon a time at the break of the last millennium, two future disciples of acoustic blues roamed the streets and music clubs of Rostock and finally bumped into each other. After inspecting each others guitar and cd collections they decided to team up and play the blues together. Thus, the Burning Bullfrog were born.

Since that time, the Burning Bullfrogs have played a full range of acoustic blues. Apart from interpreting songs by the masters of slide guitar, e.g., Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, and Son House, they also perform their own songs, which draw upon many different styles. A vintage National resonator guitar ensures the authentic slide sound. In addition, the Burning Bullfrogs use several other instruments in their performances, including a variety of acoustic guitars, the classic blues harp, the mandoline and the African djembee for percussion. This arsenal provides them with a wide range of unique musical sounds, which they are not afraid to use to broaden the audience's musical horizons. The Burning Bullfrogs are:

Kay-Uwe Graw (voc, guit., slide guit., harm., mandoline)
Patrick Tiede (voc, guit., djembee, bongas).


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